Accelerate B2B cloud sales

We reduce vendor's 77% sales-cycle by providing them ready-to-deploy evaluation enviorments, managed services and end-user support at very competitive price

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What is ZeeQ 360 ?

ZeeQ 360 is a PaaS that provides Integration, Distribution and Analytics solutions for B2B Cloud Vendors

77% - 67 days

time saved per evaluation


Quick Evaluations


End-to-End Support

Sign up and Start Growing

Single License

Maintain just one license and distribute wide range of enterprise applications

Single Point of Support

No more calling different teams for different support tickets - all support is now handled in one place

Customized End-User Billing

No need to send different invoices to your end-user , make custom plan and bill accordingly


Grow your business with ZeeQ 360

Cloud Vendors needs solutions to efficiently distribute products to end-customers and ZeeQ removes those road-blocks with its awesome features

Why you should choose ZeeQ 360 ?

We provide all the features a B2B cloud vendors needs to accelerate their distribution and reduce sales-cycle

Features Product direct from Owner Product via ZeeQ 360
Live Demo Instance Conditional
Ready-to-deploy Evaluation Instances Only Managed Service
Auto Scaling Only Managed Service
Vendor portal Only Managed Service
Email Alerts
Long-term support Paid
Custom Integartions Paid for all vendors
End-user portal
Central dashboard for different products
Evaluation reports for end-user
Evaluation reports for vendors
Connected analytics across different products
End-user billing and invoicing
AI enabled recommendations

Start free trial. * No credit card required.

What's new ?

Atempo & ZeeQ

Announcing Strategic Partnership between ZeeQ and Atempo!

ZeeQ is bringing its Cloud Management & Analytics platform to launch Atempo's Enterprise Backup solutions as services for hassle-free distribution via vendors

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Deploy a Managed Service in just 3 clicks!

  • 1

    Choose your Application

    Choose from a variety of services such as Backup, ERP, etc. and you are good to go.

  • 2

    Choose your Infrastructure

    Choose the infrastructure provider of your choice, such as AWS, GCP, Azure, Datacenters etc.

  • 3

    Deploy Service

    Readily deploy services and automated monitoring, so you never miss any information!

Want to Manage your Cloud Services in a hassle-free manner?

ZeeQ 360 got you covered.


Ready to deploy evaluation instances

Choose from a set of services and deploy your manager service in a matter of minutes.


Single dashboard for Managed Services

One stop solution to visualize and manage your services.


A.I. based analytics and recommendation

Worried about your services running in an optimal manner? Well, our AI engine is there to keep you ahead in the game.

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It is fast and easy. Create your first Cloud Managed Service with ZeeQ.

We are launching soon. Join the priority list for information and early access.

Still need reasons to use ZeeQ 360 ?

Three solutions – built into one platform


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Founder / CEO

Nikhil Mishra

8 years of experience in IoT, cloud integration and full stack development.

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Nishchal Gaba

6 years of experience in AI, quantization, blockchain, cloud architecture design. An avid researcher by nature.

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Business development

Pavan Vasatharao

Experience in IoT, business development

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Pre-Sales Consultant